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Automotive A/C Compressor Oils.
BVA Auto 100 Ester Glow (POE) Auto 100 with dye was developed specifically to meet the operating requirements of automotive air conditioners employing R134a as the refrigerant. Highly miscible with this refrigerant allowing rapid return of the lubricant to the compressor even at low operating temperatures. Although recommended for automotive systems Auto 100 also meets the lubrication requirements of a broad spectrum of industrial applications employing positive displacement or dynamic compressors and requiring a lubricant with a nominal viscosity of 100 at 40 degrees Celsius. Auto 100 can also be used with chlorinated refrigerants such as R-12, R-22 and R-505. Auto 100 is also compatible with petroleum-based refrigeration oils making them ideal for use when changing systems to HFC refrigerants.

BVA Auto 100 is blended from high purity polyol esters having excellent miscibility and lubricity. A special proprietary additive package enhances wear protection for both steel-on-steel and steel-on-aluminum surfaces. It is chemically and thermally stable so that systems stay cleaner even under severe operating conditions.

Double End Capped (DEC) PAG & Mineral Oils

Sunair is proud to introduce the CoolPro Line of “Double End Capped” Polyalkylene Glycol (PAG) Lubricants to the marketplace. After extensive research and testing, Sunair has produced one of the finest "true" PAG lubricants in the marketplace today.

An evaluation of all of the PAG lubricants in the industry was conducted, exposing all of the poor characteristics of some brands, and incorporating the high quality of the premium brands. This newly engineered lubricant contains only the highest quality ingredients and anti-wear properties that are mandatory for today’s mobile a/c systems.

This new PAG lubricant was designed to compete with other low cost PAG’s found in the marketplace today, without losing any characteristics other than cost. It is available in ISO grades 46, 100, and 150.

Auto AC Compressor Oils

41-50062-2 - BVA Auto 100 Ester Glow (2 Ounce Bottle)
Price: $1.64
Quantity in Basket: none

41-50062-8 - BVA Auto 100 Ester Glow (8 Ounce Bottle)
Price: $5.42
Quantity in Basket: none

41-50062-64 - BVA Auto 100 Ester Glow (64 Ounce Bottle)
Price: $28.69
Quantity in Basket: none

41-50062 - BVA Auto 100 Ester Glow (Gallon Bottle)
Price: $53.08
Quantity in Basket: none

P125-8TSI - DEC PAG - Blue (8 Ounce Bottle)
Price: $8.94
Quantity in Basket: none

41-50000 - Mineral Oil (Quart Bottle)
Price: $10.95
Quantity in Basket: none
Mineral oil is used in conjunction with R12 refrigerant.

PCG46CT - BVA PROCAP PAG 46 8 ounces DYE
Price: $11.91
Quantity in Basket: none

PCG100CT - BVA PROCAP PAG 100 8 ounces DYE
Price: $11.91
Quantity in Basket: none

PCG150CT - BVA PROCAP PAG 150 8 ounces DYE
Price: $11.91
Quantity in Basket: none

CoolPro Stay Bright Dye
Price: $13.12
Quantity in Basket: none
Good for 3 applications of a normal size auto a/c system. Includes 3 labels listing dye information.
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