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Neutronics Sealer & Refrigerant Identifiers

Part #: 7-08-1000-51-0
Neutronics Quick Detect A/C System Sealer Identifier - Automotive A/C sealant detection system is a simple, low cost approach used by A/C technicians to determine if an A/C sealant is present before servicing a vehicle. Comes with 10 replacement filters. Additional Info - pdf..
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Part #: 7-08-1000-52-0
Neutronics (Quick Detect) Replacement Filters, 25 pack..
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Part #: Legend Base
Refrigerants Measured: R-1234yf, R-134a, R-12Contaminants Measured: R-22, Hydrocarbons, UnknownAccuracy: Exceeds the requirements of SAE J2912Refrigerant % Displayed: R-1234yf, R-134a, R-22, R-12, HC, Unknown, AirAmbient Operating Temp Range: 10 °C to 49 °C Power: 12VDC @..
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Part #: 7-08-1000-62-0
DescriptionThe new, low cost Neutronics Mini ID Refrigerant Identifier for R134a helps you verify the presence and quality of R134a refrigerant in Automotive air conditioning systems, so you can help avoid potential damage to your air conditioning service equipment and business from refrigerant ..
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Part #: 7-08-1234-31-0
Neutronics Refrigerant analysis is proud to present the refrigerant identier for the past, the present, and the future. Service R12, R134a, and R1234yf vehicles with one tool. With the introduction of the new HFO-1234yf refrigerant to the automotive market, vehicle ..
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