PULSATOR-KIT - The "Pulsator" DIY Flush Machine

PULSATOR-KIT - The "Pulsator" DIY Flush Machine

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PULSATOR-KIT - The "Pulsator" DIY Flush Machine

Note: Do to Flush, this has to ship UPSGround. 

The future in DIY flushing is the “Pulsator”! Works within air volume ranges of 30 to 90 PSI. Patented pulsating action breaks lose that tough debris. High volume provides better cleaning then traditional flush guns or aerosol sprays. Multiple tips provide a variety of uses. Ships and stores in its recovery 5-gallon recovery bucket. "Flushing contaminated systems is required. Shortcuts almost always result in disappointments and additional costs. Don't shortcut your repair because you don't have access to high dollar specialty flushing tools used by the pros. Now you can have the same high flow Patented Pulsating process used in professional equipment that costs thousands of dollars! Hecat DIY Flush System Video Link

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